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Carla G.'s World


Future Tailoring - Carla G

A collection based on the harmony of the female figure, increasingly attentive to the details Our protagonists cross the casual-sporty, retro, 80s, punk style, experiencing a world in perpetual evolution.

Contemporary women who love the quality of the materials, the originality of the Made in Italy and the suitability of the garments, whose view is constantly forward looking.

Carla has always been studying and recreating in her collections the harmony of the female figure.

Today, femininity expresses itself in movement, which passes through the fluidity and delicacy of the volumes.

It is nice to look at women in their daily gestures, as they walk and move, and perceive the body vibration when the fabric falls in a certain way: the "right" way.

Through the style of Carla women can wear different styles and interpret them as best they believe and feel.


We women have two great passions: fashion and fitness.

In Italy, unlike other countries, the tendency to appear athletic and in health, push people to spend in 'athleisure' key. The passion for fitness grows and women are particularly sensitive to the casual look of the moment, but with a watchful eye to the wallet.

For us, if luxury sportswear clothing is still struggling, the clothes that inspire the world of sports have been the most dynamic and successful compartment in fast fashion.

The big distribution chains kick off leggings and t-shirts inspired by sport at a low price, but the Italians point to quality shoes and sportswear because they dream of an athletic physician without losing of sight  elegance and good taste, wanting to be in shape like models or trendy like celebrities.

For many years, health and well-being have positively influenced sales in the field of consumer goods in Italy, especially in the food sector. With a bit of delay these concepts are also moving in the clothing and footwear sectors. Italian consumers are interested in a healthy, active lifestyle and analysts says, that this has led to increased participation in sports, more entrances to the gym and greater willingness to maintain a healthy and attractive look. As a result, sportswear has maintained its strong position in sales value and is growing in sports and leisure wear.

Carla G., thanks to a team specialized in quality fabrics experts and with the traditional attention to fit, which ensure the use of quality materials combined with state-of-the-art fashion lines, created   for the fall of 2017 an interesting capsule of technical clothing dedicated to various sport activities and fitness needs as well as leisure.

Today, the gym scene is dominated by the technical and "smart" fabrics that fit the body and movement curves, but the way to go is still long. Today we are in the so called era of "athleisure" and gym clothes are also worn in the rest of leisure, in a mix of glamor, elegance and practicality. Not so many tools are needed, because the body is working autonomously with movements that tonic.

The term 'athleisure' does not just mean to dress casually or to wear a simple gym suit. Now it’s a must to wear sports shoes in the office, jeans with jacket, yoga pants and running leggings dressed with regal elegance. We need to show our love for well-being in a sophisticated way. Health is the new wealth. In the head the look in yoga version, but also the running and cycling accessories.

In short, a whole collection to be explored!