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Our Company

The Carla G. Group (*) was founded in February 1969 by Carlo Generali with the aim of creating high-quality products made in Italy at affordable prices. His idea was also to create a system that combined handicraft skills with a strong marketing strategy.

This idea has been maintained and developed over time and continues with the management of Carla Generali with the necessary adjustments to the evolution of the reference context.
Carla G. was established in Vergato, in a strategic location both for its proximity to the polo “Bolognese” of fashion and to important center of fabric production located in Prato.

The company has about 70 employees working in various departments: style, production and in commercial and administrative offices.

In recent years Carla G. has become the brand of a total look that, in addition to the company's core business package also includes a number of accessory products, including a line of knitwear, shoes, bags, belts and jewellery. Carla G. is the sum of each of its individual components sharing its passion for their work with all the others.

The Carla G. brand produces and sells garments made entirely in Italy using the highest-quality raw materials and finishes.
This is evidenced by the trust and appreciation, always renewed by women who wear our products. This essential quality is a feature that is harmonious with the style designed for dynamic women, who work and appreciate the practicality and quality of the clothes they wear.

The decision to focus ont he quality of the materials and workmanship of the garments more than compensates for not investing in direct advertising.

Our products are, in fact, our best advertising.

Particular care is taken in finding and selecting materials, which are researched together with suppliers in an ongoing effort to find the best quality and technical features.

The quality of a product begins from the raw materials used, and we only use fabrics produced entirely in Italy. Even the yarn used for our knitwear and the leather for accessories is the highest-quality material produced and processed in Italy.

One third of all production is handled directly by the company (in particular samples and restock orders), and the rest in a few selected workshops located within 100 km of our head office. Our production facilities are highly automated, both in the modeling and cutting departments which has employed Lectra systems for the past 20 years, and in the production department where the processing steps are handled by the Eton air transport system for semi-finished products.
How can we offer such quality at competitive prices? It’s very simple. Our company has decided to settle for smaller profit margins rather than compromise on the quality of our products.

Our advertising campaign focuses on the selection of significant releases on the pages of major national and periodical newspapers such as Gioia, Marieclaire and Elle, digital billboards in some cities, especially in opening new sales outlets and organizing events and initiatives also related to fitness with the arrival of our sport line.

(*)Carla G. Group: Selemoda srl (holding), GP srl (production), Carla G. srl (retail distribution)

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